Honour Leopard Lace Halter Dress

My first lingerie review!


A bold print, soft lace trimming, and a stereotypical triangle and two bits of a cotton thong, what could go wrong?

Before we start, I received this item to review late April to review from Honour, and this is a queued review so I wrote it a few weeks back. It seems that during this time the item has become unavailable at Honour, which has left me in a bit of a conundrum. They did very kindly send this Honour Leopard Lace Halter Dress to review when I enquired about reviewing lingerie in terms of accessibility, but this item is no longer around on the internet as far as my internet snooping will take me. It did appear to be on Amazon for some time, but that listing has also vanished, which leaves me to conclude that maybe the manufacture has stopped selling it.

Just like sex toys, the opinions below are based on my own accessibility needs. Everyone’s accessibility needs are different, but I want to do all I can to help you make an informed decision when it comes to lingerie. Lingerie should be a lovely experience that you enjoy, not one you hate because the reality is far from what was promised. So, if there’s anything you want to know about in terms of accessibility, just let me know, and I will do my very best to help you!


  • Cost: Maybe around the £10 mark?
  • Material: 90% Nylon, 10% Spandex
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash cold, dry flat.
  • Sizing: One size fits all.


For some reason, it didn’t click that this Honour Leopard Lace Halter Dress is a dress you have to tie up yourself. That was my first hurdle, my second was that by tying it up yourself (or in my case, getting the Gent to do it because hands went ‘nope’),  you get a knot right smack bang in the middle of your spine. I don’t know about you, but I prefer my spine to be knot-free. It also doesn’t matter how small you make the knot, you will notice. It’s like a princess and the pea, for lingerie. I attempted to tie the knot at different points, but it looked off, so there went that plan.

The first wear felt nice, I was impressed with the almost slinky quality of the material, but that’s a common feature with a nylon and spandex blend. It’s that blend which means the  Honour Leopard Lace Halter Dress is stretchy, to a point. Like with another lingerie item I’ve reviewed with similar nylon to spandex percentage, in time this item will fray. It will be stretched one too many times, just from the shape of your body, and no matter the size bits of spandex will start poking out meaning that in a few months time the home of the Honour Leopard Lace Halter Dress will be the bin. It is also very sheer and leaves nothing to the imagination.

The  Honour Leopard Lace Halter Dress is quite simple to get on. To pop it on it is either a case of stepping in and slipping up, or pulling up and over your head, however, there’s the halter aspect to consider. There’s absolutely nothing in the way of support for the chest if you have big boobs, they’re just going to make the whole thing a droopy mess, with the added ‘benefit’ of hurting your neck at the same time as the dress tries and fails to support the breasts.

As you can see in the URL “https://www.honour.co.uk/leopard-pattern-lace-halter-dress-queen-size.php”, it does mention the dress being ‘queen-size’. Unfortunately, I can’t corroborate what the sizing says on the website, as there is none, but the tag does say ‘one size fits most’. This leads me nicely on to my next point of contention. I hate, hate, hate, this category of sizing. There are only two ways I’ve heard of ‘queen’ being used as a descriptor in products and those products are either beds or stools. To use it in lingerie seems purposely confusing, is it meant to fit the ruling monarch, Queen Elizabeth? You’ll thank me later for that image. To break it down, this won’t fit ‘most’. This will fit those that are generally slim with no bumps or humps. It’s a tight fit on myself, and rather sheer (hence no pictures of it on, maybe next time!), and nowadays I fit around a size 12, sometimes 14 on top.



  • Slip-On: There are no zip, buckles, or clasps to be messing around with, just a one time bow or knot.


  • Slip-On: If you need to be able to wrap an item around you to get it on comfortably, I’d give this one a miss, there’s a bit of bum wiggling to get the dress to where you want it.
  • The Thong: Whilst there is no picture proof, because nope, nope, nope, I did indeed try on the thong. It’s all kinds of NSFW, in a bad way. Over the years I’ve received many of these so-called ‘thongs’, and it’s always the same story. Uncomfortable, and quite frankly unnecessary. It cuts into the skin in some areas, whilst being simultaneously too loose in others.
  • Halter Dress: As you might have guessed, I have a big issue with the halter component. If you need support in your lingerie this isn’t an item for you.
  • Friction & Fiddly: My hands get boiling when faced with the slightest bit of friction, it’s why I can no longer do up my own bra. The lace on this dress is a massive aggravator, and the fact that it’s the lace you have to tie up makes it even worse.
  • Top Band: There is no ripping the top band. It will stay there, and it will dig in.


I’m a fan, or I would be if it was still available. Leopard print isn’t always right up my alley in terms of patterns, I tend to prefer block colours in lingerie, however that print is diverse enough in the pattern that I don’t mind wearing it. The material feels soft against my skin,

I’ve also learnt my lesson to ask if the product will still be in stock in a few months time, and screenshot the webpage, just in case. If you are looking for leopard print lingerie items from Honour, they do have a selection on their website … just not this dress.

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