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Parlour Talk’s aim is to help change the stigma around topics, challenge misconceptions, and talk about anything considered ‘taboo’.

Pitches Positives

  • First-person essays and articles on mental health, physical health, disability, therapy, finance, identity, race, self-care, relationships, sex work, politics, and interviews on the previous topics.
  • New topics that haven’t been posted before and content that contains advice will be prioritized.
  • Pitches will only be published if they are written from the author’s perspective. For example, when writing about disability, a disabled person’s voice will be prioritised over the voice of a non-disabled person.
  • The aim is for everyone to feel as comfortable as possible, and if your post contains gendered language (unless your piece is first person), you will be asked to change it to gender-neutral language – they/them/theirs.
  • Unique posts that haven’t been published before.

Pitch Negatives

  • Academic Papers, Poems or Fiction
  • Pitches promoting yourself or someone else, upcoming events, music, books, TV shows, people or films.
  • Recaps of TV shows, films or books.
  • Stories that have been published online elsewhere

Payment is £25 per blog post, and an invoice is required to be able to pay you. The payment can be through PayPal or a direct bank transfer (in the UK only).

Disclaimer: Not all pitches will be accepted. Pitches may be edited for clarity, grammar, or spelling. If more extensive edits are needed, the post will be sent back for approval before posting.

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