Welcome to Parlour Talk

Parlour Talk is more than just a website or Etsy business, it’s an idea.


The Parlour, historically, was used to receive people – a reception room. Parlour Talk is the reception room, the gateway to the rest of our projects. Our tagline is ‘Let’s start a conversation about the taboo’ and that is what we aim to do. Our blog touches upon a wide range of topics and our associated sites covers taboos more in depth than one blog post.


It’s our hope that people will see Parlour Talk and our many other sites as a free resource of advice and personal experience for topics that might not be spoken about with candor.

The Ruby Umbrella is for people that don’t have the time or energy to spend browsing the internet scrawling through pages of information about online sex work. 

It can be overwhelming to take in all the information available and we want to help condense it down for you.
Business and Brain Fog takes everything Ruby has learnt over the past 10+ years of working and earning whilst becoming progressively more disabled and condenses it down in to easy to digest posts, videos and resources.
Arousibility covers many topics ranging from general sex ed, sex and accessibility, to how to have sex with specific conditions. 
We don’t shy away from the taboo. We also very much enjoy picking apart sex toys to look at just how accessible (or usually how inaccessible) they are, and we love to show that accessibility doesn’t stop at outdoor ramps.

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