Sola Sync Wireless Wand Review

A comprehensive accessibility review of the Sola Sync Wireless Wand.


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The Review

The Sola Sync Wireless Wand is the first-ever wand with a wireless remote – at least that I’ve come across. Now, the tech isn’t new to me, as I’ve tried out a few versions of Hot Octopuss toys, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it in a wand, and I’m excited! Big thanks to Peepshow Toys for both allowing me to review the Sola Sync Wireless Wand and for being so patient with me and my outstanding reviews.

Basics of the Sola Sync Wireless Wand

  • Cost: £120 (When on offer, prices can be as high as £169.)
  • Materials: 100% Ultra-Soft Silicone (Bodysafe)
  • Power: USB Rechargeable
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Type of toy: Wand Vibrator
  • Modes: 10 Vibration Functions – 5 Speeds, 5 Patterns
  • Use For: 1 Hour 20 Minutes
  • Charging Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes (Roughly – the light will blink when charging and be solid when charged.)
  • Colours Available: Only Purple
  • Weight: Wand – 269g, Remote – 26g
  • Type of vibrations: Rumbly/Buzzy
  • Box Contains: Sola Sync Wireless Wand, USB split charging cable, AC adapter (2 prongs), storage bag, and instructions.
  • Wireless Range: 40 Feet

Opinion in Use

Whilst I’ve basically given up orgasming this year, that doesn’t mean I’ve not tested the masturbatory prowess of the Sola Sync Wireless Wand. Honestly, it also makes a wonderful back massager with the shape of the handle fitting over the shoulder perfectly – ever the cliche, I know!

Whilst prices can reach up to £169, both the design and the packaging feel luxurious, and it feels like you get what you pay for, unlike other vibrators where spending £200 leaves you feeling like the toy costs £20.

An up close picture of the Sola Sync Wireless Wand against the backdrop of a table.I usually compare multiple toys simultaneously when reviewing, and at the moment, I’m comparing a toy that feels like a jackhammer going off in your hand (an upcoming review) and the Sola Sync. Comparatively, the Solar Sync Wireless Wand is an absolute dream. The vibrations at the top of the ergonomic handle are nearly non-existent (there are rumbles and light vibrations that can be felt when handling at the flared end), but that’s not to imply it lacks power. For me, the Sola Sync Wireless Wand has the perfect amount of power both at the rumbly lower and higher buzzy levels. Naturally, no vibrator will be perfect, but this is one of the best I’ve ever come across. I can even use this vibrator when my wrists hurt, thanks to the long curved handle, the remote control, and the lack of travelling vibrations.

If you wonder why this, along with buttons, is one of my main points in a review, it’s because my hands are hypersensitive and constantly painful nowadays – always have been. If a vibration travels to my hands, then they ache for hours afterwards; at times, they can also become stiff and handling a vibrator can even cause pain.

I’m very much a fan of the lights that tell you if the toys are on or charging, and the Sola Sync Wireless Wand does not disappoint in that category. I rely on the visual queues to know when something is charging or is not entirely off, and I appreciate the feature.

My only gripe is that the buttons on the actual wand are sometimes tricky to figure out. I like that there is a border around the buttons both on the wand and the remove, so when feeling around for them, they are easy to find. Also, whilst not a major thing, I did notice that either a scratch or some glue was on the side of the Sola Sync Wireless Wand – as seen in the picture. I’m not quite sure what it is, but it does imply the pinkish gold coating can come off – something to be aware of.

An up close picture of the front of the remote control of the Sola Sync Wireless Wand against the backdrop of a table

Accessibility Breakdown of the Sola Sync Wireless Wand

Key Points

Whilst I mentioned this in my Womanizer Plus review, the same can be said for the Sola Sync Wireless Wand. I don’t normally say something is designed for disabled people. However, of all the toys I’ve reviewed, the Sola Sync has been the toy with the features I’d expect in a toy designed for people with varying disabilities. Whilst, it’s not perfect for everyone – I think a LOT of people will find this one of the best wand vibrators they’ve come across in quite some time.

The curve in the handle means that the Sola Sync Wireless Wand can be used during penetrative sex compared to most wand vibrators I own (or even the Zumio), and the fact the handle is both curved and flattened helps the toy to fit between two bodies.

Whilst the standard of most on/off buttons is to turn the toy on and vibrate at the same time, pressing the circle will light it up to show it is on standby mode, and then you have to press the plus button to activate the vibrations. This one does catch me out occasionally. I can’t quite decide if this is positive or negative, for I can see why it could fit in each category.

Accessibility Positives of the Sola Sync Wireless Wand

  • Wireless Remote: I harp on about buttons a lot, but if you’re going to give me a toy with buttons on the remote control … it’s an instant orgasm. I love how the buttons are not just flat silicone, as there’s an indent with the relatively big raised buttons so you can both feel and see them easily. Since the remove is covered in silicone, it’s a lot easier to clean, but it doesn’t seem to have protection over the charging port, which means it’s not waterproof – so don’t dunk it in water to clean it!  PLUS, the remote has both backwards and forward buttons for extra control in case of accidental fumbling (guilty).
  • Long, Thick Ergonomic Handle: I know I said in one of my last reviews that it was a long, sexy handle, but the Sola Sync Wireless Wand is a thick, curvy beauty. The curves in the long handle ensure a good grip, and it also means that if you hold it at the end, the vibrations are less intense. At first, I wasn’t sure if I’d like the curve, but I have found it does a lot for me in terms of ease of use, and not having to hold my arm up physically – I can lie the Sola Sync Wireless Wand flat to masturbate with instead of angling the vibrator with my hand. Depending on the position, if I put it under a pair of pants whilst lying down, I can even leave it there going hands-free.
  • Light Indicator: Both for charging and on/off features. The last button you press once the toy is on (the on/off button will stay lit), and either the plus or minus button is the button that will light up.
  • Easy to Clean & Waterproof: Unlike the Doxy, there aren’t any massive crevices where germs can hide. Since the wand is waterproof, there’s no worry of water getting into the device. If you need to clean the sides, I recommend a brush with thin, soft bristles.
  • Weight: Coming in at 269g, the Sola Sync Wireless Wand is light for its power, especially when compared to a Doxy. In fact, for such a long vibrator, the weight feels almost on par with some of the smaller toys I’ve tested out – with and without batteries.
  • Use During Sex: Due to the angle of the wand, it can be placed between bodies during sex, and the removal allows for wireless control, so there’s no need to reach down to adjust the settings.

Accessibility Negatives of the Sola Sync Wireless Wand

  • Cost: At nearly £150, it will price a LOT of people out. Sales run often on Peepshow Toys and other retailers, but it’s still a lot of money to spend on a sex toy.
  • Wand Buttons: Whilst the remote buttons are some of the best I’ve come across, in the context of a toy that’s put so much care and attention into the design and a toy will most probably work for a lot of people, the buttons on the actual wand feel lacking. More so since there are forwards and backwards buttons on the remote, but not on the actual wand. There’s also quite a long 3-second press to turn it off or not compared to other vibrators, and let’s not forget that the instructions for the wand are contradictory.
  • Noise: This is one of the loudest wands I’ve tried in a while, and I’m including the Doxy. The sound is quite shrill and definitely noticeable at the higher end of the wand’s power.
  • Packaging: The main negative I have with the Sola Sync Wireless Wand is that there’s SO much extra packaging – as seen in the picture. Whilst the box is lovely, feels luxurious and sturdy, inside it felt really unnecessary to have each component in its own box within a box, not to mention it’s a lot of extra effort to unpack it – requiring fine motor skills I don’t have some days. Whilst the cardboard is recyclable, it felt like a lot of avoidable waste with a lot of empty space in the packaging.

An up close picture of the charging port of the Sola Sync Wireless Wand against the backdrop of a table, both charging ports have a white cable in them.

Make it (More) Accessible

I have two main problems with the Sola Sync Wireless Wand, and the first is the buttons. They are almost a wet dream. If the buttons were spaced a little further apart, had a shorter on/off time and were more pronounced – both broader and thicker, I think this would be a pretty perfect wand vibrator. It would also be good if they figured out a simple wording on moving from modes to vibrations and back. As it is, it’s quite confusing, and how you work the buttons doesn’t match the actual user experience.

The second problem is the packaging. Removing the smaller boxes and making the boxes smaller overall would save space and the need for extra cardboard. Considering the 5-year warranty is only valid if the box is kept, this is an important step.


Would I buy the Sola Sync Wireless Wand? Yes, 100%. It’s definitely going to be the vibrator I recommend now. It’s not perfect by any means, but it’s the closest a sex toy has come for me.

Up until now, I’ve been a Doxy person, and I’m still a Doxy person; however, I like that there are alternatives on the market that cater to different needs. The main perks of the Sola Sync Wireless Wand are that the vibrations don’t travel through the toy, it has a pretty bloody awesome remote control, which is quite honestly something I’ve been wanting in a vibrator for ages, and power intensity in the wand. It can be a little steep, with prices reaching up to £169, but it feels like an investment vibrator. If it’s out of your price range, I recommend watching sex shop sales – particularly around the latter half of the year.

Bottom line, Sola has done what other companies have tried to do: fix many problems people have with standard toy designs, and most of them have worked brilliantly. From the ergonomic handle to the wireless remote, the user experience has been considered far more than most other toys on the market. It feels like inclusion, and that’s rare in the sex toy/sex tech industry at the moment.

I was given this Sola Sync Wireless Wand to review by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an honest, and unbiased review. If you’d like this version, you can buy it here.

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