What is Parlour Talk and how did it begin?

Parlour Talk was borne out of a desire to create red umbrella pin badges and donate half of the profits to sex worker organisations. Then the Etsy store grew to include stickers, bookmarks and button badges. At the same time, Arousibility (in its original form of a personal blog), was coming into its own and started to feature more advice related posts about ‘giving blow jobs with TMD’ and about how ‘contraception controls everything when you’re on it’.

Our aim is to smash the societal norms surrounding taboos and be an inclusive and informative family of websites.

We want to help start a conversation around a number of topics including sex work, sexuality, BDSM, disability and sexuality, chronic illness, gender, disability, periods, sexual identity, and more. We want to be open, honest and raw with any topic we take on and our blog posts and resources will grow to reflect our wide and varied interests.

As much as we possibly can, our information, resources and stories will be free to all and accessible.

What happened to the Etsy store?

Currently, our Etsy store is closed due to COVID. We are currently looking for ways to open it up again and with any luck, the store should be open again in the New Year.

After the store is open again, you’ll see handmade themed bundles and books put together for your enjoyment start to appear. We are also expanding our buttons, badges and bookmark collection and thinking about bringing back (revamped) old favourites.

We’ll be expanding the physical product range soon to include a wide range of topics we’re passionate about.

Sex Worker Ethos

Parlour Talk supports sex workers of all types, and as such we firmly believe that sex work is work.

50% of the profits from our pin badges and bookmarks that feature a red umbrella, go to sex worker organisations and charities that are a pro-sex worker. We don’t work with charities that support the Nordic model, or those that try to hide their anti-sex worker agendas behind supporting sex workers.

Our founder, Ruby Rousson, is a sex worker and is in favour of rights not rescue for consensual sex work.

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