What is Parlour Talk?

Parlour Talk aims to be an inclusive, and informative website. It originally started out life as just a bookshop, but it’s now expanded in to so much more.  We want to help start a conversation around a number of topics including sex work, sexuality, BDSM, disability and sexuality, chronic illness, gender, disability, periods, sexual identity, and more. Our blog posts and resources will grow to reflect our wide and varied interests. 

What’s to come?

Over the upcoming months you’ll see handmade bundles of books curated, and put together for your enjoyment – and also to make finding out information that much easier. We also sell buttons, badges, and more on our Etsy page (closed for the moment due to COVID19). We’ll be expanding the range soon to include a wide range of topics we’re passionate about. 

Sex Worker Ethos 

Parlour Talk supports sex workers of all types, and as such we firmly believe that sex work is work.  50% of the profits from our pin badges and bookmarks go to sex worker organisations and charities that are a pro-sex worker. We don’t deal with charities that support the Nordic model, or those that try to hide anti-sex worker agendas. Our founder is a sex worker and is very much a fan of rights, not rescue.