Sex Ed Resources

This page is a collection of videos, articles, pages, and items that you mind find useful. It is a work in progress, and more links will be added as and when they’re found.

Information about sex if you’re under 18


Sex, Etc.



How to know if your hymen is broken.


General Sex Ed

Science Daily – Sex Education

Here’s the deal with vaginal discharge in your underwear. 


My Sex Professor

Here’s How To Know If You Should Use A Condom


TED Talks of Note

What we don’t teach kids about sex.

A better way to talk about abortion.

The secret to desire in a long term relationship.

Sex, Drugs, and HIV – let’s get rational.

Sex needs a new metaphor, here’s one …

What we didn’t know about the penis anatomy.



The Myth Of The Hymen And Virginity Gets Busted On “Adam Ruins Everything”

10 Myths About Sex and Virginity- Debunked

5 myths about virginity, busted.


Charities and Organisations


UK Causes

Bloody Good Period



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