The BEST OnlyFans Alternatives

OnlyFans has fucked us all, here are some alternatives.


December 3rd Update: It was announced that AVN Stars will be demonetising as of December 31st.

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OnlyFans has fucked us all in a very unpleasant way, first banning porn but allowing nudity, then within a few days doing a complete U-turn and breaching the trust of creators everywhere. To remedy this, here are some OnlyFans alternatives.

If you didn’t already, it’s smart not to trust OnlyFans from now on. It’s tempting to gloss over what’s happened to get back to work, but those of you that have just worked on OnlyFans – especially since the start of the pandemic, know that they have a track record of doing this to models. They announce something or change something in an effort to push sex workers out, then backtrack, sometimes covertly.

Whilst my main alternate recommendation is AVN Stars, I will include some more OnlyFans alternatives that I think are promising. If your only site is still OnlyFans I highly encourage you to start with one new site and then expand. Don’t overwhelm yourself when you’re stressed!

On the topic of multiple sites, some people prefer just to join one site, it’s easier, less to do in the future, and you can drive all your traffic there. However, the best thing to do diversify and prevent another OnlyFans mishap, do is to sign up to 2-3 sites as your base, then add others if they seem popular enough, and have enough original traffic, that even if you don’t drive people there, people will sign up.

Disclaimer, it can be challenging dealing with multiple sites, even if the content uploaded is exactly the same, so do as much as you can without it feeling like too much. Guide the traffic you were guiding to OnlyFans, then upload consistently and heavily.

I highly suggest reading our Definitive Guide to Subscription Sites (out shortly) if you’d like to read a more in-depth review and comparison.


Image of the LoyalFans logo in black.

Run by Clips4Sale, LoyalFans, which rebranded from Nexocams, is a popular choice amongst some big names. The interface is very sleek, and it has live functionality, clip section, post scheduling and you can set a price per post. Like AVN, there’s the ability for people to follow you without subscribing, which is a great way to build your fanbase.

A perk, since it’s part of the C4S family, it is attached with Branditscan, a porn piracy website (it costs around $45/month). Branditscan is in the earlier stages and I am currently testing it out and finding out how much pirated porn I have floating around on the internet.


Image of the Fansly logo.


A newer upcoming site, but much like OnlyFans it’s a sleek subscription site with features others sites don’t have. Fansly has a tiered subscription model, scheduling and what I think is a huge perk in an industry whose sites go down without warning – you can choose when you want the platform to upgrade.

AVN Stars

Demonetises December 31st.

Image of the AVN Stars logo.

AVN Stars is the best alternative to OnlyFans because it has a tonne of features. It has a dedicated clip section, so you have to send out your videos every time someone wants to buy a clip – you also don’t have to constantly promote and send individual clips because it’s always there and ready for people to buy and download – a massive perk if you’re not on the major clip site. Groups is a feature that allows you to set a price and have members join if they’re interested in the group topic. You can send exclusive messages, or even live cam with that group.

But hands down, one of the best things about AVN Stars is that they have good internal traffic so even if you’re brand new and relying upon on-site traffic, marketing yourself right should get you some fans. Compared to OnlyFans, I think AVN Stars is the closest in traffic and users signed up to it.

A huge plus for UK folks, the payout minimum is $25 and they pay super quick!

It is also run by AVN, which is a very well-known adult industry company. Now there are few restrictions on the content you can publish – namely hypnosis porn videos, but in comparison to OnlyFans, you have free range on content. The beauty of being on a dedicated porn site.

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