Hot Octopuss Jett Review

I'm reviewing the Hot Octopuss Jett and if it's anything like the last time I reviewed a Hot Octopuss toy it will be interesting!


A close up of Hot Octopuss Jett with the silicone logo of Hot Octopuss in focus and the cables and bullets in the backdrop.

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The Review

One thing that’s notable about the Hot Octopuss Jett is that it uses ‘Treble & Bass Technology™’ aka uses both high frequency ‘waves’ and low frequencies to deliver rumbly vibrations for a mix of sensations. The left bullet is the high-frequency ‘Treble’ bullet, and the right bullet is the ‘Bass’ bullet. The plus and minus buttons adjust the frequency of the motors.

First Impressions

Right off the bat, Hot Octopuss, this isn’t a ‘Guybrator’. The Hot Octopuss Jett is a toy for those with a penis. It’s 2020; can we stop with the gendered terminology that’s inherently exclusive?

If you’d like to see the unboxing of the Hot Octopuss Jett and my first impressions, watch the video below!

Whilst I mentioned this in the unboxing, I will mention here for those that don’t want to watch it that the Hot Octopuss Jett unit arrived faulty with a tear in the silicone that, had I not spotted could have caused some pinched skin or hair. However, Hot Octopuss was quick to replace the faulty unit, and I’m happy to say that this one arrived in perfect condition.

Basics of the Hot Octopuss Jett

  • Cost: £49
  • Materials: Silicone & ABS Plastic
  • Batteries: 4 x AA
  • Waterproof: No
  • Type of toy: Twin Bullet Vibrators
  • Modes: 2 x 5 speeds, 5 vibration modes
  • Battery Life: 1 Hour of Use
  • Noise Level: < 45dB
  • Weight: 17g

Opinion in Use

As with all toys that require a penis to test, the Hot Octopuss Jett was tested on my partner. His words:

Way too much, really uncomfortable and didn’t like it.

As succinct as ever!A photo of the Hot Octopuss Jett main silicone component with three holes for the 2 bullets and the penis.

During testing, we did become frustrated as using the Hot Octopuss Jett without lube resulted in pain, but using it with lube resulted in discomfort and the toy sliding off as if using it on the tip of the penis it’s very top-heavy and ‘capsizes’ – I will say it’s definitely not to do with the size of the penis in question. Even the lowest setting was too much stimulation to the point that it bordered on pain for my partner. We found that no matter where we tried it (frenulum, various points along the shaft, bullets facing up and bullets down, and we even tried on top of the foreskin), it just didn’t work for him. The edges were almost too sharp and could do with being blunter since they’re around sensitive skin.

The idea is great, and I have used similar products in the past which have worked, but something isn’t quite working for us with the Hot Octopus Jett – maybe it’s the style, two bullets instead of one or the type of silicone. Something I know I’ve talked about in the past with the Atom. I will say that compared to some of the toys on the market today, seeing a toy with wires threw me since ‘wireless’ is all the rage.

Accessibility Breakdown of the Hot Octopuss Jett

Key Points

Like with many Hot Octopuss toys, I think the intention for accessibility is there, but it misses the mark of what it could achieve with more tinkering. As with all sex toys, I might find a negative that might be someone else’s positive; this is just one opinion.

One of the main problems I’ve run into with the Hot Octopuss Jett is that pushing the two bullet vibrators through the silicone takes two hands (I’ve rather painful hands), and you need to put a bit of effort into it. I’ve needed my partner to do it on my bad days, or we’ve picked a different toy if he’s tied up with something.  Similarly, there’s a tightness in the prongs that connect the wires to the main body, and the same when removing them. The wires also weren’t the easiest to manoeuvre, and there’s only so much slack that they allow and depending on which way you put the bullets, the wires could get in the way.

Accessibility Positives of the Hot Octopuss Jett

  • Remote Control Body: Good grip on the controller due to the shape of the unit. The dips in the plastic are helpful to tell left from right without looking, and I love that there’s a curve around the sides so it sits in the hand easily.
  • Silicon Component: Really easy to clean this part of the toy, and is completely body-safe.
  • Battery Cover: Slips off easily with a finger pushing the cover down and doesn’t require fiddly handling, also known as ‘pulling plastic bit down with a nail’.
  • Powerful: Whilst it might not be for my partner if you’re looking for a toy under £50 for a penis with a LOT of power, this could be a toy for you. Changing the power of each bullet with five settings is a big bonus.
  • Flaccid and Erect: The Hot Octopuss Jett can be used both flaccid and erect, a staple of the Hot Octopuss line of toys.
  • Hands-Free: If you can get it to sit in a comfy position, the Hot Octopuss Jett is hands-free which is perfect as your hands don’t have to be close to vibrations, nor does it require as much energy to masturbate as they would with a stroker or via hands.

Accessibility Negatives of the Hot Octopuss Jett

  • Buttons: For how big the buttons are, the Hot Octopuss Jett has a tiny on/off button that makes it feel like your finger could slip over it accidentally, especially if your fingers are lubed up during use. The same goes for the plus/minus buttons. The shiny surface makes it even easier for fingers to slip over the buttons.
  • Silicone Component: I find the sides of the silicone are almost too thin to provide grip for the penis and to fit the penis in it (depending on penis size) it needs quite the stretch, and like the Atom the silicone takes work to stretch.
  • Cleanup: Whilst the silicone holder is waterproof and can be run under the tap, the two bullets are not and must be treated with care when cleaning. The bullets must be removed from the silicone, cleaned with a damp cloth and dried before putting the toy away. The fact the unit isn’t waterproof makes watching out for lube even more critical, as it would be pretty challenging to clean the body thoroughly when getting it too damp could mean that water seeps inside.
  • Bullet Vibrators: To push the plastic bullet vibrators into the silicone requires a bit of force since there’s friction between the two materials. If you have painful or weak wrists, it’s not the easiest thing to do.
  • Weight: The 4 AA batteries make the main controller a bit weighty, especially compared to other Hot Octopuss toys. It might have been much more accessible and lighter if the main controller had been USB rechargeable.
  • Volume: When the vibrator is on quiet, it’s really quite noticeable that’s is a vibrator, and on high, you could probably hear it through a closed door.

Make it Accessible

The Hot Octopuss Jett could have done with being wireless and USB rechargeable. Honestly, this would remove a lot of the negatives, especially since nowadays, most people expect vibrators over a certain amount. This one is £50 to be USB rechargeable, so they’re not shelling out for batteries on top of a vibrator.

Though, a silicone main body with a more prominent on/off button (plus and minus buttons too), either a softer but sturdy silicone (thinking Godemiche butt plugs) for the penis or a design similar to their Pulse where there’s just a semicircle of covering would be a massive improvement. It could also have done with smaller bullet vibrators and lighter ones, though it would mean a trade-off of some of the power – not necessarily bad. It would have also been nice to see at least 1 or 2 patterns to break up that power.


A photo of the Hot Octopuss Jett broken down into the comments - main body, 2 bullet vibrators and the silicone component.

Honestly, I was apprehensive to test out the Hot Octopuss Jett due to my history with previous Hot Octopuss toys – not the Pocket Pulse. Each time I’ve been looking forward to testing the toy, and each time my expectations haven’t been met, at all. I don’t know what it is about Hot Octopuss products, but I seemingly just don’t get on with them. I really want to like them, as I’ve said in previous reviews. I love what they’re doing and how they’re trying to be inclusive. However, I’ve just found that their products fall short of what they claim to do, and for a company that talks about sex and disability, their designs don’t seem that accessible.

Since Hot Octopuss talks about sex and disability often and has been one of the few companies to go out of their way to produce a toy ‘for disabled people‘ (the Pocket Pulse uses technology that can help with erection attainment even with spinal cord injuries, though haven’t tested this personally) I feel I critique their toys more than I would any other brand. However, I’m not the most lenient reviewer around. My needs for a toy are vastly different to an able-bodied person, and that’s what I’m trying to show through these reviews. When I write a critical review, it doesn’t mean the toy is bad – lots of people love toys I hate, but it means that the toy doesn’t work for me and my disabilities. That’s going to be the case with a lot of toys because, by and large, toys aren’t made with disabled people in mind, so we have to figure out from standard reviews from able-bodied people if a toy could possibly be a good fit without wasting money trying it out. That’s the aim of these reviews.

I was given the Hot Octopuss Jett to review by Hot Octopuss in exchange for an honest, and unbiased review.

If you’d like this version, you can buy it from SheVibe (US), Hot Octopuss or LoveHoney (UK)

You can also get more Hot Octpuss models from Lovehoney.

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