Advertisements start from £100/$125 per 3-month booking, depending on the size and placement and can be booked in 3 or 6-month increments. Ad placements depend on price: 250 x 250, 250 x 150, and 125 x 125.

As part of the price, a single on-site advertisement will be included, as will social media promotional posts, and inclusion into new blog posts, gift guides, and relevant articles.

All ads will be marked as sponsored, and links will be classed ‘nofollow’. There will be no exceptions.

Ad availability:

  • 2 – 4 250 x 150 or a mix of  250 x 150 and 125 x 125 in Site Footer
  • Unlimited Mix of Premium Slots on Site Homepage Sidebar
  • Unlimited mix on Pages and Posts Sidebar Ad Space.

Promotional posts for companies written by myself. These posts can be for new product launches, events, or website promotions.

  • Sponsored posts are all written by myself, and will be in my style and tone of writing. All opinions will be my own.
  • Up to three outgoing links can be used, all of which will be marked ‘nofollow’.
  • Emailing about a sponsored post or conversing with me about the details of a sponsored post, does not guarantee I will accept.
  • Payment is due upfront.

  • Insertion of your link into an existing article at
  • Publication of a guest post you provide for, minimum 800 words with 2 outgoing nofollow links.

Parlour Talk occasionally accepts pre-written promotional guest posts from companies. However, guest posts and sponsored links will not be accepted if they do not meet Parlour Talk’s standards, including the morality clause.  Additionally, I am unable to reserve advert slots ahead of time, or specific posts for links. As mentioned above,  all link insertions will be marked sponsored and ‘nofollow’.

I do not accept sponsored reviews of products. Please see Reviews and Sponsors for more information.

Many of the products I review come from brands I like or am affiliated with. I also review products I’ve bought or received from my clients. However, whilst I intend to build Parlour Talk’s collection of reviews, my time is limited due to my health.

Think of paid reviews as jumping the queue and getting a priority pass.

How does a paid review work?

A paid review on Parlour Talk is where you pay me to test the product, service, or toy, and write a review. In essence, it’s a standard review, except it gets priority.

Will purchasing a paid review mean I am guaranteed a positive review or the ability to edit your review?

No. I never guarantee a positive review nor allow a company to edit my thoughts on a product. All I can guarantee is that my review will be honest and unbiased.

Press Releases

You may email contact[@] if you have an innovative product, press release, idea, event, or something you’d like people to know about.

Due to the large number of emails I receive, I’m unable to answer them all. However, press releases are always welcome, and some may be included in future posts, but there is no guarantee. Ensure all relevant details are included in your message so I can link to your website/social media/newsletter if I write about it.

Guest Posts

If you are a writer and you’d like to publish a post on Parlour Talk, please read through and use the Pitch page.

At this time, does not offer Giveaways.

If you are interested in any of the above, please read Parlour Talk’s Review and Sponsor Policies, then fill out the form below.

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