Second Profit Donation

Want to see where we sent our first donation? Cick here to catch up. 

Today we donated £150 to SWARM – the Sex Worker Advocacy and Resistance Movement. They’re based in the UK, and we’ve followed their work for some time. From our first donation just under a year ago, we’ve increased the donation amount just under 4 times, and it’s our hope the trend will continue.

We wouldn’t be able to donate without you. Every single one of you that have purchased an item from our store with a ruby umbrella on it has gone towards that total.

Thank you.


Before you go! For the third round of donations, we need your help. We want you to nominate a charity or organisation where we can donate next. We won’t donate to projects or organisations that support the Nordic model, or demonise sex workers in any way. We’re a sex worker friendly company.

Please feel free to contact us via Twitter, or drop your suggestion in the comment box down below.

  • Ruby Rousson

    Self-professed 'Professional (Disabled) Internet Human' Ruby Rousson runs Arousibility, The Ruby Umbrella and a number of other sites that all aim to help disabled and chronically ill people in some way shape or form. Twitter and Instagram: @MissRubyRousson

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