5 Things You Can Do To Enhance Your Masturbation Time

The majority of us do it, yet it's still a hugely taboo topic that we don't tend to talk about openly and freely.


Let’s talk about masturbation. The majority of us do it, yet it’s still a hugely taboo topic that we don’t tend to talk about openly and freely. Having sex with others is cool but the concept of spending time making ourselves feel good? Heck no!

Although over the years, especially with the rise of online influencers and brands bringing sex and masturbation to the front of people’s minds and making us more aware of how normal it all is, has definitely helped its taboo status.

Masturbation is a normal and healthy part of life.

Consider this. You go for a massage because it feels good, right? You might practice Yoga because it feels good. Or have a nice warm bubble bath because it feels good. And masturbation feels good too, so what’s the difference other than its taboo nature?

Masturbation has a ton of benefits too, including stress relief, helping you sleep, relieving menstrual cramps as well as helping you connect with your body and allowing you to figure out what you like and don’t like when it comes to sexual pleasure.

So with all of this in mind, why aren’t we prioritizing our masturbation time more? Let’s look at a few ways in which we can truly enhance our time masturbating!

Consider it as an act of self-love or self-care.

Because it is! Although we might be doing it to relieve a headache or to help us get to sleep quicker, it is an act of self-care because you’re taking that time to tend to yourself and what you need.

And if you’re masturbating because you’re horny and can’t see your partner for another week, then damn right it’s an act of self-love as well. You’re taking your own sexual needs into your own hands and that’s so empowering.

Shifting these mindsets around masturbation can really help you enhance it!

Take your time with it.

Enhance your masturbation session by taking your time with it. Of course this won’t be an option every single time. We’ve all got places to go and people to see. But when it is possible, don’t rush yourself or your body.

Just like you’d take an hour to soak in the bath without any rush, do the same for your masturbation session too.

You’ll feel so good, giving your body all that love and attention afterwards!

Add Extras

Candles, blankets, music, wine, chocolate – the list is endless!

This might sound a bit extra but adding extras can definitely enhance your masturbation experience, especially if you’re following the above tip about taking your time with it.

Add in all those things that feel good and will heighten your senses. A scent that gets your juices flowing, music that makes your insides flutter, even massage oil or your favourite body lotion for a little self-massage before or after too.

Invest in toys and products.

Introducing toys and products into the mix is a great way to enhance your masturbation experience. And there are so many incredible brands out there to try with a huge range of products to suit all needs! 

Try Edging

So you’ve dedicated an entire hour to yourself. You’ve got your favourite music on, a beautiful scented candle and you’re ready to go.

A method you can use to enhance your masturbation practice is edging. The practice of edging means that you (or your partner) bring yourself to the point of orgasm but don’t allow yourself to tip over the edge.

You then doing it again – however many times you like until you are ready to release.

This practice might not be for everyone but it is another thing you can try to enhance your masturbation session!

Masturbation is a personal thing and what might work for one person, might not for someone else. And that’s perfectly okay and normal!

It’s important to find your own routine and masturbation practices that feel good for YOU. Your body, your rules!

Jenny is a full-time well-being and personal growth blogger from Essex and is also passionate about self care, mindset and mental health. She has released 2 eBooks and a course to help bloggers grow in confidence within the industry. Away from blogging, she enjoys reading, video games and Formula 1.
Twitter: @jennymarston_xo

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