Womanizer +Size (Womanizer Plus Size)

Whilst suction base technology isn't new to me, the Womanizer Plus Size is my very first Womanizer sex toy!


Whilst suction base technology isn’t new to me, the Womanizer Plus Size (get it here) is my very first Womanizer sex toy. My first pressure wave toy was a Satisfyer Penguin, and I fell in love with it. I used it often … until I found my one true love, my Zumio (not paid just love it that much).

Like all sex toys that take me a little while to review, I’m not the biggest fan of the Womanizer Plus Size. First, the toy was ‘chosen for me’, and second whilst it is one of the more accessible toys I’ve tried, it has flaws. Annoying flaws. 

Let’s get stuck in.

Basics of the Womanizer Plus Size

  • Cost: £169
  • Materials: Silicone & ABS Plastic.
  • Charging: USB
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Type of toy: Pressure Wave ‘Pleasure Air Technology
  • Modes: 12 Intensity Levels
  • Battery Life: 4 Hours

Opinions in Use

  • I’ve used a LOT of sex toys, and whilst I’ve not used many pressure wave toys other than the Satisfyer, I was surprised at how different they are! The Womanizer Plus is similar in that it’s a pressure wave toy, however, there’s a different ‘feel’ from the Satisfyer toys. It’s more intense, and less vibration – I approve!
  • The first few modes are too light. I don’t know whether it’s my sensation loss or the toy, but they’re not strong enough to feel them.
  • I would have loved this toy a little more if the power button wasn’t down by the head of the toy. I understand that having the button there means you can’t accidentally turn the Womanizer Plus Size off, unlike if it was at the top by the handle, but it makes it a stretch for the post-orgasm/when you’re done with the toy.
  • I really love that tapping the on/off button when it’s on will set it back to the lowest setting. That’s a really nice feature I’d like to see in more toys for that post-orgasm sensitivity.
  • The first time I used the Womanizer Plus Size, it almost hurt. I’ve tried a few times, and it still hurts. The silicone heads of those toys are a lot The Womanizer Plus Size heads kind of hurt since a ‘seal’ is needed to create that suction sensation – especially on the lower levels. It made the experience uncomfortable, and thus I was unable to orgasm.
  • Toy lights up in use orange-red light on the underside of the sucker, but it’s rather faint.
  • Like with all the Satisfyer toys, the Womanizer Plus Size ‘pressure wave’ tech can be felt to around mid-level, then it feels more like rumbly vibrations.
  • P.S. I’m writing all those whilst it’s on my clit. Multi-tasking for the win!

Positives of the Womanizer Plus Size

  • Sweet, sweet buttons: I’m in button heaven. The buttons are big, made of silicone, and reasonably easy to press. Perfect. If the +/- was raised, they’d be even better. After the string of tiny buttons, these are a welcomed relief.
  • The Design: I’ve kept an eye on the Womanizer line of products. Black, white, and gold is an excellent combination, and I hope I’ll see more of their products take on this elegant style.
  • Long Thick Handle: This is a sexy handle, and I’m not joking. It’s big enough that I can use both hands to hold it. The underside is textured – silicone, so even if you have lube on your hand you’re still going to be able to grip, it’s also very wide, so there is plenty to grip onto.
  • Power: Whilst after level 7 the ‘pressure wave’ tech feels more and more like vibrations. Levels 3-6 feel really quite strong. Levels 7 and above are strong and powerful, but a different kind of power – more rumbly, less ‘pressure wave’.

Negatives of the Womanizer Plus Size

  • The Price: £169 is a LOT. The price is similar to Womanizers other suction toys, but it feels like a lot for what it is.
  • On/Off Button: They so nearly got the buttons right. It’s such a reach to turn it off – more than my handspan.
  • Design of Buttons: Due to the button design (though I love the plus/minus buttons) there is the possibility of lube/germs getting caught in the gap, so keep an eye on it when cleaning!
  • Loud: So, the website says that the Womanizer Plus Size is quiet. I don’t think it is. The first 4 modes are rather quiet, but when you get to mode 12 … woah. Reminds me of a lawnmower – even when pressed against something. Considering Womanizer promotes the Womanizer Plus Size as a quiet toy, it feels very misleading.
  • No Use During Sex: My little Satisfyer penguin can be used during sex, it’s a bit awkward, but it’s possible. There is absolutely no way I can use the Womanizer Plus Size during sex. Also the silicone head is very firm because this toy is so big – which does have its positives, it also means that if you try to put it between two bodies that are doing repetitive motion against one another, it will hurt you both. I found this out the hard way.

Accessibility of the Womanizer Plus Size

I don’t normally say something is designed for disabled people. However, of all the toys I’ve reviewed, the Womanizer Plus Size has been the toy with the features I’d expect in a toy designed for people with varying disabilities. However, it’s not perfect – there are just elements some might find useful.


  • Long, wide (textured underside) handle, which is good for grip.
  • Buttons are BIG and easy to press.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • 12 different modes – great for those with different sensitivities to the pressure waves.
  • Quite a bit of power – but it is rather loud.


  • Sucker material is hard and unyielding. It can cause pain.
  • Rather loud.
  • On/off switch if far away and out of reach if used with one hand.
  • Due to the seal needed for suction, hands/grip is needed to keep the Womanizer Plus Size in place. It might be possible to keep it in place hands-free at the right angle, but it will take a lot of trial and error.


I’m really disappointed to see such a high price tag on a toy that could be great for many. It aligns with Womanizer’s pricing, but I don’t think it’s worth the price considering the negatives.

I have, for brevity, refrained from going into my dislike of the name of the company (Womanizer) and the toy (Womanizer Plus Size). I could (and probably will) create a whole post on the terrible names companies choose for their brand and toys – short version, I hate both the company name and the toy’s name.

Finally, what really puts me off is the rigidity of the suction cup. I’m someone who presses down or grinds into something, and there’s been a definite lingering pain after masturbating with a Womanizer Plus Size.

I was given this toy to review by Womanizer in exchange for an honest, and unbiased review.

If you’d like this version, you used to be able to purchase it here, though it links to a different product now. There are other Womanizer products on SheVibe (US), Womanizer (US) from Lovehoney (UK) – and Womanizer (UK), however, I can’t seem to find a specific site that stocks this specific one anymore. 


  1. I have tried a few of these suction toys and I have to say I prefer the ones with the softer suction cup, as you point out it can make it painful rather than nice.

    Sweetgirl x

  2. Great review, Eve! Is this a “plus sized” toy because it’s longer? I’m always dubious about that distinction especially if it doesn’t seem like a benefit. Also: please write the post on terrible toy names!!!!

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