We keep missing each other.

Our libidos don't often match up.

Our libidos don’t often match up. 

Sometimes he’s horny, and I’m not in the mood, or my body is protesting – the joys of chronic illness. 

Sometimes I’m horny, and he’s exhausted, busy, or isn’t in the right headspace.

We are rarely both horny at the same time, but when that happens we fuck wherever we can. RIP to the poor basil plant that got in the way.

At the moment, we keep missing each other by half a day. In the morning I’m horny, sleepy, and ready for sex (thanks to all the smutty fanfic I read before bed), but by the afternoon – when he’s horny, caffeinated, and ready for sex I’m sleepy and exhausted.

We’re over 4 years into this whole ‘relationship’ thing, and we’ve settled into a comfortable existence with each other. We no longer feel we have to have the stereotypical sex at least once a week, and I no longer feel like just because I’m a sex worker, and blogger my sex life has to be full-on all the time. More often than not there will be no mutual penetration for weeks, and we’ll use hands, toys, and occasionally dildos. The orgasms can be so intense without penetration that we often forget that’s it like when we’re joined at the hip until we’re in that post-sex haze, and we wonder why it took us so long yet again.

The next day I usually remember as sex causes so many aches and pains … and then we begin the cycle of missing each other again as I recover from sex in order to have sex again. Don’t even get me started on strap-on sex.

We keep missing each other at the moment. It’s hot out, we’ve had a lot of social commitments, and stress has put my body through the wringer, but I’m sure we’ll find each other again soon, even if it’s for a quick wank at 1 am.

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