Sexual Intimacy for Couples in Quarantine

There are plenty of ways to foster sexual intimacy over the internet – you just have to get creative!


The pandemic is affecting so many different aspects of our lives, and being in self-isolation and quarantine has made individuals crave physical affection even more. Long-distance couples know all about finding ways to be intimate with each other despite the distance. Because of everything that’s happening, some couples can’t see each other even if they’re geographically close.

This time can be a good time for couples to explore and get to know each other even more. There are plenty of ways to foster sexual intimacy over the internet – you just have to get creative!

Exchanging Nudes

This may be cliché, but it’s cliché for a reason. People love sending nudes to their significant others because it’s just so playful! Send nudes fully naked or wearing underwear – that’s completely up to you. You can be as artistic and creative with your angles as much as you want. Take mirror photos, silhouette shots, and shower pictures. Have fun with taking the photo and your partner will definitely enjoy it. Aside from building sexual intimacy, it also boosts your self-esteem and confidence because you are being vulnerable with the person you trust the most.

Having phone or video sex.

More people have been trying virtual sex these days due to the limits of staying indoors. Virtual threesomes and orgies are also becoming popular. Playing out fantasies through text is fun, but you can also make use of calls and video chats to be stimulated. Audio-only sex leaves a lot to the imagination while emphasizing all the sounds you hear, such as the moans, rustling of the sheets, and even the sounds of touching yourself. Others enjoy video sex more because you can actually see your partner being pleasured. When dealing with sensitive media, remember to use an encrypted platform and check the privacy settings.

Reading the same erotica together.

There are plenty of erotic novels to choose from, depending on what you want to read about. You are sure to find some that feature you and your partner’s kinks. What’s nice about reading the same erotica together is that you can discuss the parts that you liked and which scenes turned you on. You can also imagine the two of you as the characters in the story. There’s a lot to explore with reading, and compared to porn, erotic romances take time to develop the story. The build-up of tension and teasing makes the “good parts” so worth it!

Sending the porn you masturbated to.

Masturbating is healthy, and that’s backed up by science! Sending the porn that made you orgasm to your partner lets them know what turns you on. This can also be a good starting point of discussion for the next phone or video sex session. Knowing what gets each other off in the bed is important, but it’s also nice to know what they go for when they’re alone. You can use that porn to masturbate as well. It’s thrilling and naughty but also intimate on so many different levels.

If you’re trying to date during quarantine and you haven’t met in person yet, you can also take note of these tips. There’s nothing wrong with being sexual even if you haven’t seen each other yet. If you want to take it to another level, that’s definitely your personal choice.

The most important aspect to remember at all times is communication. Speak up about what you like, what you don’t like, and what you are comfortable with. This goes both ways, which means you have to understand your partner too. Other than that, just have fun and get naughty!

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