Rocks Off Ruby Glow

The Rocks Off Ruby Glow poses quite the challenge. Lots of people say it's 'accessible', but is it really?


The Rocks Off Ruby Glow was conceptualised by erotic writer Tabitha Rayne, and collaborated with Rocks Off. I met Tabitha at Eroticon this year, and she’s a lovely lady. As you’ll see, this didn’t impact my review. 

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Basics of the Ruby Glow 

  • Cost: £39.99
  • Materials: Body-safe silicone
  • Size:  L: 7inch W: 2.5inch  H: 2.25 inch  
  • Weight: 183g  
  • Recommended Lube:  Water Based
  • Waterproof: No
  • Batteries: AAA
  • Modes: 10 different functions.

First Use Notes

Take it away past Ruby!  Note: this was before I got burning/pain in my feet, and legs, so I could still sit at a desk.

Maybe I’m not using it right? I’m at my desk writing erotica (in the spirit of the toy design), turned on (a constant), but it hurts, and my arousal is fading fast. I’ve tried shifting around uncomfortably for some time trying to get it right, to no avail. I can’t get the position right, and the buttons are fiddly. 

Wouldn’t it be better for the top nodule to blend into the tip of the toy design instead of creating two humps?

The dip is too much in the middle, and my perineum is left out … although I don’t know if that’s a positive at the moment. 

Why can’t I like this toy?! It’s a different design, and I’ve never used a saddle style toy before, but I can’t get on – or even off, with it.

Past Ruby was left sexually frustrated and gave up on the idea of orgasming all together. 


I want to like the Rocks Off Ruby Glow as it’s a completely different style of a toy compared to what I’ve tried before. The design is new, and it’s nice to see people designing toys to suit their needs. I really want to like it. However, my first problem is that the Rocks Off Ruby Glow is too hard for me to comfortably sit on.

I think it would have to be softer, so it could fit more body shapes, and allow for positioning that isn’t just sitting upright. Apparently, you can use the Ruby Glow lying down, standing up, etc. … but I don’t get it. It’s hard enough to attempt to sit on it, and it barely touches my clit when I finally sit on it, so then there’s a whole leaning forward to ‘rub myself’ on it, but then that poses another problem. I have to balance myself with my hands to stop myself from falling over.

If you’re going to sit on it to masturbate, you need to do it sitting on a chair that’s pretty firm, and legs on the floor. If you try lying with your feet up – my regular position nowadays, it digs in uncomfortably, and it has absolutely no give. It’s also bloody awkward. 

Moving on, I know I’m somewhat of a power queen, but even by my most generous standards the vibrations all but disappear as soon as you somewhat ungracefully shove the toy under you, or sit down on it. It seems that the Ruby Glow motors might not be powerful enough to fight against the bodyweight of someone that’s slightly overweight. 

I love the idea of a hands-free sex toy, especially nowadays. However, the Rocks Off Ruby Glow doesn’t live up to the hype I’ve seen surrounding it, at least for me. More on this later.

The whole experience left me wanting, and not in a good way. 

Positives of the Ruby Glow

  • Body-safe Materials: The Rocks Off Ruby Glow is for the most part made from body-safe silicone, which is non-porous, phthalate-free. As you can see, it picks up a lot of fluff.
  • Can be used fully clothed: A perk, if you just can’t wait to masturbate, or if you’re in a tricky situation. However, this is only a perk if you use it in clothes that don’t have a seam, get bunched up when sitting, or give you friction burn … maybe not so much of a positive? 

Negatives of the Ruby Glow

  • Buttons: Oh yes, we went a few reviews without buttons, but they’re back! I hate these buttons. It’s not a simple system, and why are the different sizes! I know one is to control the mound, but the size of the button doesn’t need to reflect the size of the feature it’s vibrating. The buttons are also directly next to a source of the vibrations, I hate this in toys. I know it’s unavoidable in a lot of toys, but I still hate it. My hands are far too sensitive to let it slide, unfortunately. 
  • No Travel Lock: You could say taking the batteries out is a travel lock, however, if you’re anything like me you’ll lose them the moment they are out of the toy. It’s so easy to tap the toy on – all it takes is a quick nudge, but to turn it off it takes 4/5 seconds of holding the button down pretty firmly. 
  • Noisy: If you share a house with your parents or friends, this isn’t going to be the best toy for you, unless you’re a fan of blasting drum and bass music whilst you’re masturbating. Even when sitting on the Rocks Off Ruby Glow, it has an unmistakable sound. 
  • A Bit Too Firm: It’s the type of toy that if you forget where you put it and sit down on it, you know about it. Yes, I speak from experience. I don’t want to grind against material that firm attempting to reach orgasm, as I’m likely to bruise my pubis – another true story.  The Gent tried sitting on it, it didn’t go well. 
  • Batteries?!: I’ve mentioned my ever so slight hatred of batteries before (and questioned their accessibility), and every time I come across battery-powered toys it seems to be a Rocks Off toy.


Originally, I wrote this review with a 900-word article about how the Rocks Off Ruby Glow has been labelled ‘Good for Disabled People’. I’ve since taken it out because this review reached over my personal limit of 2k words per review. 

If you want to read my take on Rocks Off Ruby Glow in terms of accessibility, click here.


Look, at the end of the day it is a very good concept, I just want to see it reworked into something more user-friendly, rechargeable, and softer. If it’s also said to be a toy for disabled people, get that input before telling everyone.  

At the end of the day, I don’t want a lacklustre toy that doesn’t deliver on vibrations, is uncomfortable to place, and fiddly with awkward buttons as my sex toy. I want a toy that can give me power, accessibility, and has been reviewed by multiple people with different disabilities before being labelled ‘a toy for disabled people’.

The Rocks Off Ruby Glow is a good concept and I think it could be reworked into something pretty darn good in the future.

You can purchase The Ruby Glow from The Pleasure Garden.

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