Sex, Chronic Illness, and Disability

Sex, Chronic Illness, and DisabilityResources

There are so many articles on sex, disability, illness, and allergies on the internet that we don’t ever think we’ll ever be able to compile them all, but we’re sure as hell going to try. 

Sex & Disability

Sexuality Education for Youth with Disability or Chronic Illness

All About Sexuality and Sexual Health

Disabled? Discovering your sexual self.

Menstruating While Disabled 

Sex Toy Accessibility

How to Design Sex Toys for People with Disabilities

How do you make sex toys accessible?

Sex Toys & Disability Guide

Disability and Sex: Let’s be frank about sex toys.

Our Bodies, Our Sex Toys: 6 Accessible Sex Toys

Sex Toys and Accessibility

Sex & Allergies

Sex Toys and Allergies 

Sex and Allergies

Allergic Reactions During Sexual Intercourse