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Buttons, batteries and buzzing!


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Battery-powered vibes, for me, have been a lacklustre effort each and every single time I’ve tried to get myself off with one. Until the Rocks Off Purple Heart came along. Now I have to admit I might actually like a battery-powered vibe.

As with many sex toys nowadays, the Rocks Off Purple Heart arrived in discrete packaging, and the box was fairly easy to rip apart … I mean get in it.

The Basics

The Rocks Off Purple Heart has two buttons that light up around the edge – one to change mode, and one to turn it on and off. It boasts 10 different modes and takes 4 AAA batteries, which are already included.

The Purple Heart is 100% waterproof and body-safe. The heart is made from silicone and the handle is made from ABS plastic.

My Opinions in Use

My first impression of this toy was one of intrigue! I’ve never seen a vibrator use a heart design before.

I’m going to start off by saying I hate vibrations in my hands. However, because of the shape of the Purple Heart, it works well if I have underwear on or my partner’s hand to keep it in place. I won’t be able to use this toy during solo play, as I learned a long time ago that’s just asking for trouble.

The Purple Heart packs such a punch, I was rather shocked the first time we turned it on. I was also pleasantly surprised by the feel, it was smooth against me, and the handle settled nicely against my body. My partner and I (though mostly my partner as I can’t handle it) experimented with the tip of the heart to give direct, pinpoint stimulation, and the edges of the heart to give broader stimulation.


  • Body-Safe Materials: The part that comes into contact with the genitals is the heart, and as it is made from silicone, it’s body-safe. As the toy when sealed correctly (there’s a rubber band in the base that must stay on at all times), it’s 100% waterproof and easy to clean.
  • The Buttons: Compared to some sex toys the buttons on the Rocks Off Purple Heart are a dream to press. They’re raised, have writing on them to tell you what they do, and are made from silicone. Silicone buttons are great as fingers don’t slip over them as easy.
  • The Modes: I am a big fan of pulse modes at the moment, it’s a new trend in my body. The slight break in vibrations seems to please my clit. This is good because the Rocks Off Purple Heart has 7 different pulse modes. It also has 3 constant speeds for those that prefer traditional vibrations. I’m not going to lie, I may have danced to some of the pulse modes. (I also may film a YouTube video purely to demonstrate this fact.)
  • The Raw Power: There are battery vibrators, and then there are battery vibrators. This one packs some heat, and I’ve been around the block from Poundland vibrators to fancier ones. I can honestly say, hand on my heart and all, I’ve never encountered a battery vibrator this powerful before.
  • It’s Purple: Aesthetically, it’s my type of sex toy. It’s purple I am very easy to please when a sex toy is purple.


  • Batteries: Batteries make everything more difficult, and it’s this case even more so. I can’t pop off the base to change the batteries. I’ve tried on multiple occasions and it’s just not happening. I’ve even hurt my wrist trying. I know it’s probably because it’s 100% waterproof, but due to the shape, and the material of the handle it’s hard to get a firm grip in order to pop it open. I had to let my partner do it. The fact there’s also 4 AA batteries adds a hefty amount of weight to the toy also, and whilst it’s not the heaviest battery vibrator I’ve encountered it’s certainly not the lightest. It weighs 151g with the batteries and 100g without the batteries.
  • One final point on batteries, when thinking about accessibility in toys, to me, battery-powered toys aren’t accessible. Batteries cost money, rechargeable batteries cost money, and they’re fiddly to put in and remove. Rechargeable toys – whilst still have their downfalls only require a cable and a battery source. Now, power still costs money, but a lot less than 4 AAA batteries at a time.
  • Noise: It’s a powerhouse of a battery-operated vibrator, but this also means that it’s so gosh darn loud and rumbly. If using in a shared house, or even if using in a terraced house, music might be your friend … preferably something with bass.
  • The on/off button is close to the heart: Might be a minor gripe, but if your hands are sensitive to vibrations, having the main on/off button even that little bit close to the tip where the vibrations are concentrated … you can feel it.
  • The Modes: To get back to a mode if you’ve accidentally clicked a button, you have to either turn the toy off and on or cycle through all the modes again. Not the end of the world, but frustrating if you’re getting close to the edge … take it from me.


For a battery-based vibrator, it packs a punch, and the curve of the handle means not as much holding in place is required. For me, those are the main positives, and whilst there are negatives it doesn’t dissuade me from reaching for the toy during partnered play.

Rocks Off sent me the Purple Heart in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Unfortunately, it’s not readily available nowadays, but you can find a lot of great Rocks Off products at Lovehoney UK. and US. 

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