Post Orgasm Torture (AKA Getting Off on Getting Off)

One of my favourite fetishes is post orgasm torture.


Getting off on getting off. 

One of my favourite fetishes is post orgasm torture.

Ever since the doctors put me on antidepressants last year, my sex drive hasn’t been the same. I used to be able to orgasm quite easily, and orgasm multiple times, but nowadays it can take a while to even achieve one orgasm, and I have to work hard for that orgasm. This is true for nearly every sexual act apart from one, post orgasm torture. 

As a professional dominatrix, kinkster, and hedonist that has a slightly sadistic street, post orgasm torture is right up my alley. It also makes me orgasm within a minute. As I’m a scientific person, I’ve made sure to double, triple, and quadruple check that statement. 

For those of you that don’t know, post orgasm torture is, it’s what it says on the tin. Post orgasm torture – the continual stimulation of the genitals after orgasm. It makes for a lot of squirming, pants, and lip bites … on my account at least. 

Post orgasm torture is used a lot in FemDom as the over sensitisation of predominately the penis after orgasm is immense, and to some, it is quite torturous. For those of you that have never experienced post orgasm torture, imagine that point after orgasm or even during where you stop all stimulation, now imagine continuing to touch yourself. That sensitisation can almost be too much, and that is where the fun begins – at least for me. I continue the stimulation, and I am relentless. 

I’ve been a fan of post orgasm torture for quite some time. I don’t exactly know what it is about it that makes me orgasm within a minute – whether it’s the thrill, the moans, or the power trip, but boy does it work. Granted, it does have certain downfalls, namely, it depends on the person you’re with – particularly if it’s not a strict BDSM scenario. You also have to be careful in terms of contraception. My primary method of contraception are condoms, so there’s always an awareness that too much movement isn’t ideal, and an eye is kept on the condom at all times. Not that there needs to be too much movement, I’m a pro at balancing overstimulation vs movement nowadays thanks to pretty darn good vibrators. I’ve always said that pleasure can be an effective torture tool, and whilst I prove it time and time again in my job, it doesn’t often make it into my bedroom.

My partner first learned of my predilection towards post orgasm torture very early on in our relationship. A few thrusts at the end of his orgasm could tip me over, and the noises he’d make were glorious, and it went from there. In regards to how my partner fits in with this particular fetish of mine in regards to my sadistic streak, whilst he does dabble in BDSM, let’s just say he’s not a masochist. He likes plenty of different sensations, but by and large, they are pleasurable sensations. We make it work! 

Nowadays, post orgasm torture features quite predominately in our bedroom antics, whether it’s to tip me over the edge when my body isn’t responding, or when I’m going all out trying to beat my orgasm record. There’s a story behind it, and I might be persuaded to tell you all someday. Maybe when we reach a milestone or two.

Anyway, if you’ve never tried out post-orgasm torture with a partner, and you want to, I’d advise you to go slow, and try a few strokes after your own orgasm – see how it feels solo before diving in at the deep end with a partner. As always, don’t spring post orgasm torture on your partner without asking for consent. Always ask for consent when trying something new.

If you’re flying solo, and want to ask a dominatrix to include post orgasm torture during play, it’s a good idea to know what it involves first. That is, before you find yourself on your knees whilst you’re crying, and pleading to stop stroking your genitals, but at the same time feeling confused as you have a desire to continue touching yourself. *ahem* 

P.S – what’s your orgasm record?


  1. In a hotel room in Philly he used a wand massager on me until I lost count somewhere around the 12 mark. I slept for 12 hours straight afterwards


  2. Post orgasm torture is something my husband always uses on me. After several orgasms, and then that one big one that seems to consume my body, he always wants one more from me, and yes, then I orgasm within a minute. No fail.
    As for my orgasm record… something deep in the twenty for one session, and something like 80 for an afternoon and early evening in a hotel (the story is on my blog).

    Rebel xox

  3. We both love P.O.T. and it’s a part of almost every one of our kinky play dates. Our orgasm record is eight for Amelie and three for Mark.

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