Interviews and Consultancy


I am open to reviews via email for research projects/articles, but please be aware that it might take some time to get back to you due to chronic illness.

My preferences for interviews are via text chat/email due to hearing loss. Interviews and podcasts must be held via chat and will require information beforehand – for example, questions, and interview structure.

Disability Consultancy


Are you a new sex toy company looking to make your products accessible? Want to have a second opinion before you spend thousands of pounds on production? Or do you have a store layout you’d like a wheelchair user’s opinion on?

Disability business, product consultancy, and in-store accessibility, costs are to be discussed.


I (Ruby Rousson) have been disabled for all my sexual life. I am an ambulatory wheelchair user, with grip problems, sensation loss, chronic pain and more. I know finding the right sex toy is tricky, but that’s where I can help out.

Contact me if you think you’d benefit from my personal sex experience, and we’ll work something out. Price is on a sliding scale.

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