Breast Orgasms Are A Thing! Let’s Talk About It!

How can we use breast massage to help us get more in touch with our breasts.


Thanks to breast cancer awareness campaigns, a huge number of us are encouraged to touch and feel our breasts on a regular basis to check for any lumps or irregularities. 

This is great for identifying potential cases of breast cancer, but it’s not so great for encouraging intimacy and connection with our bodies. In fact, it can actually lead to feelings of dissociation and fear.

So how can we use breast massage to help us get more in touch with our breasts and unlock the pleasure they can hold?

Getting to know your breasts.

During my twenties, my relationship with my breasts completely changed. 

For much of my adolescent and adult life, I had hated my breasts. I thought they were a weird shape, too small, the nipples too big. I would wear really padded bras to make them appear more like the breasts I wanted them to be, the straps cutting into my shoulders and back as I strained to make my body into an image of perfection. This continued even when I was in a relationship with a partner I loved. 

It wasn’t until I was single again and started a new job, where I had to move cities, that I began to rethink my relationship with my breasts. A colleague told me about his explorations into breast massage with his partner and recommended a podcast.

This casual chat was a really significant turning point in my life. I found out that breast orgasms are a thing but for some reason they’re hardly ever talked about! 

Through breast massage, I found a new way to get to know and own my breasts, my body, and a huge part of my sexuality.

The benefits of breast massage.

Breast massage has emotional and therapeutic benefits. 

For starters, regular breast massage can help to stimulate your lymphatic system, which is responsible for flushing out toxins from your body and encourage increased blood flow to your breasts and nipples. It can also help to reduce breast pain, ease sore chest muscles and may prevent stretch marks. 

At the same time, regular breast massage can help to increase pleasure by making your breasts and nipples more sensitive and responsive to touch. Some practitioners even say that breast massage can help to soften the space around your heart, helping to release grief and resentment.

Breast Massage: The Basics

There are many ways to massage your breasts, it is a case of finding what works for you. 

The technique I use takes about 10 – 15 minutes and is really easy to do:

  • Start by taking off your bra! Then rub your massage oil onto your breasts in a circular motion. As this is such a sensitive part of your body it’s best to look for a blend of pure oils, without any chemical additives. I use rose oil with a carrier oil like almond or coconut oil.
  • Spend a few minutes stroking, cupping and kneading your breasts in a way that feels good to you. This is about (re)introducing yourself to this part of your body so don’t worry too much about technique!
  • When you’re feeling more comfortable and relaxed, you can start to work on stimulating the lymph – Place your hand on your chest above your breast and stroke the skin in the direction towards your armpit, cupping your breast with your other hand if it feels better.
  • Gently squeeze and release your breasts, almost like a pumping motion (a very sexy pumping motion!), gradually moving towards the centre of your chest.
  • Feel for the point below your nipple, underneath your breast, around the area between your 5th and 6th ribs. Massage in a circular motion with three fingers for a count of 60.
  • Now focus on any areas that feel tender, use two fingers to massage into those areas in a circular motion, applying more pressure if it feels comfortable.
  • You can finish by giving your nipples some love. By now they will be feeling more stimulated so you can spend some time stroking your nipples, softly pushing and teasing the skin around them and even lightly pinching your nipples.

It’s best to do this after you get out the shower or just before bed. Avoid starting a breast massage if you’re in a hurry as ideally it should be a slow, sensual process. Remember to breathe deeply throughout.

It might feel weird the first few times but once you get used to it you can really start to enjoy it!

Everything you need to know about breast orgasms.

The process of getting to know your breasts can lead you to new discoveries – yes, I’m talking about breast and nipple orgasms!

Through breast massage, you can become more connected with your breasts and start to open up pleasure pathways. You learn what feels good, what types of touch turns you on and what it feels like when your breasts are at their most sensitive and receptive.

This is the space where breast orgasms can blossom! 

What are breast orgasms?

Breast orgasms, also known as nipple orgasms, come from stimulation of the breast and nipples alone. Each nipple has hundreds of nerve endings that makes them super sensitive. This means you can orgasm even without touching any other part of your body!

What do they feel like?

As every body is different, people will experience breast orgasms differently. In some studies, participants described the sensation as coming directly from their nipples and breasts. For others, the sensation is similar to a clitoral or vaginal orgasm, pouring through your whole body (this is my experience!).

How to have one?!

In theory, anyone can have a nipple orgasm! It just takes some trial and error to get to know your body and what feels good.

Like other forms of pleasure, it can feel best if you take it slow and build up the intensity. Start with a slow massage, paying attention to your whole breast. Then begin to focus on your nipples, stroking or lightly pinching. 

You or your partner can steadily increase the pressure, moving to rougher stimulation like biting, squeezing and pinching. You might like to also use toys like nipple vibrators, suckers or clamps.

Like anything it sex, it can take a bit of experimenting to learn what you like. My advice is don’t try to force it, just focus on the enjoyment factor and let the orgasms come naturally. 

Elizabeth Harris is a writer and editor with a focus on plants, people and health. She is passionate about open, honest conversation, especially when it comes to sex and intimacy. She’s been happy to call many places home and has travelled across the world, collecting recipes and regional remedies. She now splits her time between the UK and Budapest, Hungary

Twitter: @wellnesswriter

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