A Little Break, Crafts, and an Announcement!

We announced on Twitter the other day that we’ll be going on a break for a little while – just the store, not the blog. In fact, we’ll be ramping up the blog posts, and aiming to release our very first podcast episode! We’re not sure when the store will be back, but we’ll keep Twitter up to date. We’re going on a break because Ruby needs a surgery or 3, and her body has taken a bit of a bashing recently. We also don’t want you be waiting weeks for something you ordered 2-3 weeks ago since we only go to the post office 1-2 times a week, and when Ruby gets ill that can drop down to once every 2 weeks.

During the break, if you have an event, birthday, or something special coming up that you want a pin badge or sticker for please contact us! We’ll do all we can to get the items to you.

In the coming months, we’ll also be releasing some ‘merch’ via sites like Teespring to speed up transit times, and for a bit of variety. The stores will feature some of our current designs, and some brand new never seen before designs.

We also announced on Twitter that Parlour Talk store won’t be just pins, stickers, and badges! We’re currently crafting up a storm, and working on new designs thanks to our 3D printer. It’s our hope that when we’re back from the break we’ll have jewellery featuring umbrellas, dollar signs, tampons, and more. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come!


Since we’re ramping up content, we’re looking out for more guest posts! If you’d like to be featured on the site, please pitch us original writing here. It’s paid work – £25, and we’re happy to link to your blog or socials.

Lastly, we’re happy to announce that Parlour Talk has a sister site! The Ruby Umbrella Academy will be launching later this year! Whereas Parlour Talk is for starting a conversation, The Ruby Umbrella Academy is to teach, inform, and advise. A lot of the sex work information sites out there are great, but they are for those that can hustle 24/7. If you can’t keep up with the hustle … we’ll that’s what The Ruby Umbrella Academy is for! If you’d like to know when we launch, please follow us on Instagram! We working on Twitter – we got shadowbanned from the get-go.

  • Ruby Rousson

    Self-professed 'Professional (Disabled) Internet Human' Ruby Rousson runs Arousibility, The Ruby Umbrella and a number of other sites that all aim to help disabled and chronically ill people in some way shape or form. Twitter and Instagram: @MissRubyRousson

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