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This post is brought to you by being by myself for the first time in over a year, and trying - and failing to put lingerie on for work.


This post is brought to you by being by myself for the first time in over a year, and trying – and failing to put lingerie on for work.

I love lingerie, I wear it for work, pleasure, and play. I wear it for myself, for customers, and for my partner. But at the moment I can’t wear it, at least I can’t wear it independently. The tips of my fingers don’t work, and can’t really feel sensation in my fingertips, my hands go red and ache, and I can’t bend my arms or my body into all the contortion-esque shapes needed to put on a simple bra. That’s not to mention the rest of my body. I also don’t want to use up all of my available energy for the day, or my mental energy attempting to figure out which strap goes where, and why is there a random tassel on my head.

Now, I’m used to being unable to dress by myself because it hurts too darn much, and there’s so much cloth I can’t see up from down. My partner has to help me put on every single piece of lingerie I wear – again either for work or play. However, I’d love to be able to put lingerie on by myself to surprise my partner – I’ve not done that in so long.

Lingerie is beautiful delicate, and fiddly. But ultimately, it’s not made for those who cannot move much, have little to no dexterity in their fingers, or don’t have someone to help them, amongst other issues. Disabled people have sex, masturbate, feel attraction, and want to feel attractive, so why has yet another industry forgotten we exist? Disabled people are plentiful – even in just the UK and we’re varied in our disabilities. We have immense spending power. Sure, there is the odd boutique making specialised lingerie, but there should be more. Gosh darn it, I want there to be more.

So, here’s my new blog series ‘Accessible Lingerie’.

I’ll start with some of the lingerie pieces in my collection, but I want to expand out to all sorts of lingerie, from knock-off generic pieces on Amazon to specialised Etsy stores. Everyone’s budget is different, and if you’re ill for months on end you don’t really have much to splurge on lingerie – I’ve been out of work for months so i know I don’t have anything much to splurge at the moment. I want to delve more into lingerie, and I want to make a hub of places people can go to buy lingerie, no matter their disability/chronic illness.

Essentially, I want to find pieces that are easy to put on, fit well, don’t dig in or annoy my body, and look sexy as hell. I want to find pieces I can actually call ‘accessible lingerie’. I know, I know … I don’t ask for much. Similarly, I think I might start a piece on on accessible comfy clothes, but don’t quote me on that.

If you know of any places, or any pieces that are accessible feel free to use the hashtag #AccessibleLingerie on Twitter, Instagram, or comment down below. As I delve more into this topic, I’m going to be making a hub of information. 

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