2020 Sex Lust List

The internet is filled with sex toys I need to get my hands on.

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I have discovered a number of varied and interesting toys this year, and I WANT them. I lust after them. However, since I’m on a no-buy/low buy year, there will be no sex shopping for me! So, instead of shopping, I’ve written up a list of (nearly) all the sex goodies I’d love to purchase in 2020. It’s my hope that you might discover something new from this list!

Companies I would like ANYTHING from:

Onto the main list!

PalmPower Wand

Fun fact: The small little PalmPower Massager Mains Powered Vibrating wand was the first corded vibrator I even brought, and I’ve still got it (and it still works).

It wasn’t until I saw them on Twitter the other day that I realised they had new products out, and I want. Oh boy, do I want.

Geeky Sex Toys

Is it valid to just say everything? Because if I had the money, I’d buy them all purely to collect them. They’re so pretty!

The 2 toys I’d especially like to try are the Pikachu butt plug – I’m not much an anal person but I’d love a Pika ‘tail’, and the Dildek … EXTERMINATE!

Honourable mentions go to:

Primal Hardwere

Again, can I say everything?

I jest … kind of. There’s one item in particular that caught my eye, and it’s the Ovipositor. I’ll talk more about my apparent tentacle fetish (because it’s new to me) in another post soon, but my body told me I needed this when I first saw it, and I’ve been getting better at listening to my body.

Vagina Museum Cliterati

I haven’t yet made it to the Vagina Museum, but I’m so looking forward to that day!

Kink Academy Membership

I love learning, and I’d love to keep learning. The Kink Academy are a wonderful group of people, and their videos are brilliant. I hope to experience more of them in 2020!

Etsy Finds

Before I deleted the Etsy app from my phone this year, I did a LOT of perusing independent sex stores. I added them to my favourites because I really wanted to share my findings.

  • Sexcessory777 – Vibrator Stand/Dildo Holder: I didn’t realise this was a thing until some Etsy scrolling, but it’s a genius idea! I love it!
  • FairyLustFantasyUnicorn Dildo: What really intrigues me is how defined the spirals are. A lot of unicorn dildos seem quite smooth, but this one has full-on gaps between the spirals.
  • EroGeishaTakoyaki: This one appeals to me for many of the reasons the Unicorn Dildo does – the spirals look fascinating, and the extra texture sounds divine. I also like just how much of a tip there is – so on days I might not be feeling it I can just use the relatively slip tip.
  • EroGeishaSatomi Seeding Plug: This particular toy caught my eye because of the smoothness of the plug, and the shape of the end. I’m really curious about just how well it would fit when in place.
  • TheCraftyHedonistElias: This is an absolutely STUNNING dildo. I love the colours pictured; they remind me so much of a roaring fire. And the TEXTURE. Wow.

In My Dreams

Whilst the other toys might make it to me one day, the following are the toys I think of fondly but know I’ll never own.

Honourable Sex Toy Mentions:

Toys I really want to get my hands on to review in 2020.

There are so many new and interesting sex toys on the market at the moment, and I’m really intrigued to see what 2020 will bring!

Are there toys missing from this list?

Absolutely, I’ve made multiple lists of toys I desire, but true to form the lists have gone missing. I guarantee you I’ll remember 5 of them after I’ve published this post (if I do I shall update the lists).


Are there any toys you’re currently lusting after?


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