Honour: 10 Under £10

10 items from Honour under £10 that are perfect for your stocking!

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Honour is a site primarily dedicated to fetish wear (latex, leather, PVC, lingerie, and wet look), shoes, bondage and fetish gear. They also have a selection of sex toys, mostly unbranded.  Unfortunately, a lot of the listings don’t contain vital information – such as the ingredients in various massage oils, or toy cleaners, or lubes. So, these 10 stocking fillers under £10 will take on a fetish angle, and I can’t in good conscious recommend items without plenty of details.

If you’re looking to buy your partner fetish items, please have a discussion with them about fetish first. Whilst blindfolds may have become more commonplace, riding crops, floggers, paddles, and ball gags are another world entirely. What sounds sexy online, might not be so in person.

This is part three of my 10 stocking fillers under £10. Check out the other two parts on Lovehoneyand Ann Summers.

Deluxe Black & Red Padded Leather Blindfold with Leather Sides

This blindfold looks absolutely gorgeous, and the best bit is that there’s no fiddly straps at the back, just velcro! I’m going to be putting it on my Christmas list this year.

Satin Willy Whip Flogger – Red/Leather Willy Whip Flogger With Rubber Tails

Depending on your preference, you might prefer a satin flogger (with an interesting name), but for those who like it a little more, this rubber flogger might be more to your liking.

Neon Riding Crop/Faux Leather Red Riding Crop

Neon colours haven’t gone out of style! Honour is bringing them back, Or you might prefer a classic broader tipped red riding crop. You might also need to get a bit creative when it comes to wrapping!

Purple Velvet Leatherette Square Edged Paddle

Paddles don’t need to be intimidating! This velvet purple paddle can be used as a sensation play item – just drag it across your loved one’s skin. For those who do like a bit of spanking, covered paddles are good for warm-up play.

Leather Plastic Ball Gag

A little bit of quiet is good for the soul. I jest, the wonderful thing about gags is that you’ll still be able to hear your partners moans.

Whenever using gags, make sure you always have a way to at least signal ‘stop’, if not ‘stop’ and ‘slow down’. This can be done by hand signals or shaking the head three times.

Minx Discretion Waterproof Mini Black Vibrator

A handy little vibrator is sure to tickle your fancy, no matter the genitals. Bonus: I reviewed this one not too long ago!

2.3m Rope Cuffs

Perfect for those, like myself, that like the idea or rope, but maybe not the time spent figuring out the ins, and outs of Shibari.

Rouge Garments Wooden Master Cane

Canes can be used as an implement, or as a costume prop! Anyone for a little schoolmaster role-play?

Durex Play Feel 50ml

I couldn’t help but slip some lube into this list. Lube is your friend, use it often!

Ingredients: Purified Water, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Benzoic Acid, Sodium Hydroxide.

EMT Shears 5.5 inch

Safety is sexy. EMT shears cut clothing easily, and they’re essential before playing with rope (they’re also good for Nurse to role-play so long as you’re wearing clothes you don’t care about). These shears lie flush against the skin and have a curved end so the blade isn’t in danger of cutting the skin.

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