1st Profit Donation!

The first donation from the pin badge profits was made on Thursday night to the Sex Workers Outreach Project, or SWOP. With everything going on in the US in regards to SESTA and FOSTA, we decided a US organisation would be fitting for the first donation.

Fucking On The Upholstery: The Sexual Appeal of the Vintage

In 2017 a beautifully carved 19th Century dildo was sold at auction for €3,200 to what was presumed to be a private American collector. This collector was one of 100 bidders for the piece, with individuals from over 40 countries vying for the chance to own this piece of erotic ephemera.

Sex and Chronic Conditions: Finding Pleasure Past the Pain

Sex and Chronic Conditions:Sex and any form of pain don’t really mix. There’s a reason why the old cliché of avoiding sex involves pain (namely, a headache), as trite as it may be, and pain can be a serious hindrance to long-term intimacy and sexual satisfaction.

Forever Rowdy: British Desire and Sex

As for the current state of British sexual desire, well, like an erect phallus, things have only risen since the nineteenth century.

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